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Marine Offset Platform

Three ports of Call

Calculate, Compensate and Demonstrate
Calculate emissions easily
Intuitive UI and no-to-low data entry is our foundation
Effortless emission predictions and historical outcomes keeps you focused on value-creation
  • All bunker fuels and potential biofuel combinations are at your fingertips
  • Assess the full lifecycle and factor in other GHGs to transcend standard neutrality
  • Allocate CO2 to cargoes to separate the climate champions from the stragglers
Algorithms do the all heavy lifting and automatically consider a range of variables
  • Vessel specifics
    Vessel type, vessel size, shipyard, engine manufacturer
  • Cargo parameters
    Port of load, port of discharge, mass/volume, kgCO2 per mt freight
  • Operational aspects
    Speed, SECA/non-SECA zones, ballast/laden, in port/at sea, etc.
Compensate emissions effectively
Delivering quality carbon credits is our purpose
Confidently select a pre-screened project employing objective data and expert insights
  • Project research undertaken by independent scientists unaffiliated with the project
  • Video walkthroughs by experts to hear their reasoning and perspective
  • Quantitative metrics allows for side-by-side comparisons
  • Visualize the impact over time using satellite imagery
Multiply touch-points and consider your stakeholders’ attributes by zeroing in on
  • Different types of nature-based or high-tech projects
  • Geographic regions and locations
  • Co-benefits and UN Sustainable Development Goals
Perfectly seamless digital purchasing experience
  • Web application designed for desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Buy, hold and retire credits without ever leaving the platform
  • Integrated order management system
  • Pay by invoice to facilitate A/P and voyage cost reporting
Accessibility on-demand to our team of specialists
  • Chat - directly within the platform
  • Email -
  • Call - we’re probably awake anyway
Demonstrate results ethically
Publicizing on the carbon ledger is part of our ethos
Distinguish your company from the rest by being candid with your ESG strategy
  • Communicate climate pledges
  • Connect sustainability reports
  • Circulate carbon certificate
Share the 3 P’s with the public and set the high water mark for successful carbon neutral voyages
  • Portfolio
  • Price
  • Project details

The devil is not in our details. It’s in the lack thereof.

ESG-NRG ensures that project nominations and company reputations remain unblemished
  • Stellar selections and radical honesty future-proofs your investments
  • Choosing third-rate credits will always cost you more in the long-run
  • After-all, the truth, like oil, always rises to the surface
Gain recognition for staying true to the mitigation hierarchy
avoid > reduce > offset
  • Show the effects of voyage optimization and responsible sailing speeds
  • Illustrate reduction measures enacted and installed onboard
Transparency is the key to harnessing ESG-NRG
  • It’s not just minimizing risks to your company
  • It’s maximizing results

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