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Why Sail Carbon Neutral?

Attract new clients & grow customer loyalty

escalate revenue growth

BCG survey of 125 companies that ship cargo reveals that:


of shipping customers are willing to pay a premium for carbon-neutral shipping


of shipping customers would be more loyal to a shipping company that offers it


of shipping customers believe carbon-neutral shipping can bring a competitive advantage

Enhance company reputation

Appeal to green capital

Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping report conveys that:


of consumers are willing to change their purchasing habits to reduce negative environmental impact


of consumers are choosing brands that have publicly embraced environmental or social causes

Watson Farley & Williams survey of 545 maritime industry leaders asserts that:


of shipowners, charters and financiers say that ESG factors have a significant or crucial influence on investment and financing decisions

McKinsey analysis of 2,000 research papers suggests that:


lower cost of capital
can be attained from a better ESG score

Protect the planet

The EU Joint Research Center (JRC), the International Energy Agency (IEA), and the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL) calculated that:


billion tonnes of CO2 were emitted
in 2021 from burning fossil fuels

The International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) Fourth GHG Study estimates that:


of global CO2 emissions can be
attributed to maritime shipping

The United Nations  Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (UN IPCC) states that:


is the maximum increase in global temperature to avoid the worst impacts of climate change


is when we need to reach Net Zero
to limit an overshoot of 1.5°C

realize net zero commitments

The Net Zero Stocktake report 2022 discloses that:


of the 2,000 largest publicly traded have already set
a Net Zero target


intend to use carbon offsets
to help achieve Net Zero


haven’t specified if they will use offsets
to help achieve Net Zero


explicitly rule out the use offsets
in achieving Net Zero

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