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Janek Ekeli
Cofounder & CEO
Oct. 21


Dataloy Systems is a Voyage Management System (VMS) provider for planning and optimising shipping operations.

A vessel might be be loading and discharging various cargoes, of various shapes and sizes, to multiple ports over the course of just a couple weeks. Ship operators are constantly battling the clock to ensure timely and reliable freight deliveries for an entire fleet of vessels.

Digital maritime solutions that offer an open API, such as Dataloy’s VMS, allow for an ecosystem of “add-ons” to solve the many other challenges that shipping companies face everyday.

Master Partner

In May 2022, ESG-NRG joined the ranks of Greywing, Prosmar and SEDNA, in becoming a Dataloy Master Partner in delivering digital solutions to the maritime industry using Dataloy’s VMS API.

The integration between ESG-NRG’s Marine Offset Platform (MOP) and Dataloy’s VMS opens for automatic and on-demand transfer of the route, cargo and bunkering data needed to facilitate carbon-neutral voyages.

By channelling live data from Dataloy’s VMS to the Marine Offset Platform (MOP), requiring only a few fields of non-sensitive data (freight rates and even bunker costs remain unseen by ESG-NRG), you can easily:

Calculate emissions and allocate to cargo-owners

Tank-to-Wake, Well-to-Wake, CO2 or all the GHGs? All the calculations for standard bunker fuels are available at your fingertips. Being able to estimate and correctly allocate emissions to your cargo-owners will become essential once the EU ETS comes online in 2023 (or more likely 2024 - considering the lack of progress with the EU Commission). We can also offer your cargo-owners direct access to the platform and their own voyages from within the Marine Offset Platform.

Deliver effective and independently rated carbon projects

Carbon neutrality claims and Net Zero pledges are becoming de rigueur. But the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM) can hardly be described as standardized. With a plethora of different solutions available with varying levels of environmental impact, permanence and co-benefits, it truly is a jungle out there.

The last thing you need after spending tens of thousands of dollars supporting a carbon reduction or removal project with the best of intentions - is to open the newspaper and find out it didn’t have the impact it claimed! That’s why ESG-NRG teamed up with a carbon rating provider to integrate their independent 3rd-party opinion on the quality of each project into the Marine Offset Platform (MOP) for you to evaluate.

Manage your exposure and carbon holdings

ESG-NRG has registry accounts with the major standards, can hold credits in segregated accounts on your behalf, and retire them at your behest. Forward contracts, hedging against future price rises, longer term offtake agreements and direct investments are also key elements in our carbon toolbox.

Maximise the positive feedback through our public carbon ledger

Transparency is the key to decarbonization. Demonstrating your commitment to Net Zero by sharing basic elements such as the $/tCO2 of the carbon credits (not one example from the shipping industry - besides on the ESG-NRG’s public carbon ledger of course) or even the name of the project you supported (surprisingly many choose not to), is an important step in scaling the carbon market.

But it’s not all negative.

We also share all the amazing carbon reduction measures you’ve undertaken (anti-fouling paint, weather routing, mewis ducts, hard sails, battery packs, cold-ironing, air lubrication, etc) to highlight that your company is avoiding, mitigating, and only then, neutralizing your residual emissions.

Whether you’re using Dataloy as a Voyage Management System provider, an alternative VMS, or none at all.

ESG-NRG can deliver the environmental solutions you and your customers need to reach Net Zero.

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Trefadder was the first in Norway to commercially scale "climate forests".

In 2022, Trefadder planted 700,000 trees, 300,000 of them in the Rogaland region. The same location you see in the picture above, Hagalid Gård, where our CEO Janek visited in late October to help plant the last trees of the season!

These trees will grow and sequester carbon for at least 60-80 years. This makes their carbon credits some of the safest investments you can make as we move into a Net Zero world.

Janek Ekeli
Cofounder & CEO
Nov. 07

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